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  • Leggings FR Le Bourget "Ultra Opaque" 120 DEN

The Symbol : 1R21

Leggings 120 DEN: super-opaque, seamless technology.

Fibre content Elastan 5%, Poliamid 95%
109.90 -50% 54.95
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Leggings 120 DEN are super opaque leggings created for every cold autumn-winter day! Leggings provide warmth and thanks to seamless technology, they adhere to the female silhouette, providing full comfort and elegance. 

  • Swietne legginsy. Wygladaja bardzo elegancko, nie elektryzuja sie i sa bardzo cieple. Najlepszy zakup na zime. Jedno tylko ze sa dlugie, takze kobieta sredniego wzrostu moze smialo kupic mniejszy rozmiar. Polecam.
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