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  • Socks PL Spox Sox "Time Is Money"

Sock for women, girls, men and boys. Flat seam on the fingers for maximum comfort. Nieuciskający Ridge, probably holding the sock on the foot. Designed and manufactured in Poland. Composition: 80% high-quality combed cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% robust Adaptive for elastane. Go ahead and throw your Spox Soxy to washing machines. Does not dry up, do not stretch, do not change style, if you will be washed properly. How to? Wywróć them to the other side and wash at maximum 40 °.

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The socks Spox Sox know that time is money, money is time, and czesem does not. Play in the Polish language version skarpetkowej and let your friends solve the mystery hidden on Your feet. One stocking you will find themes associated with the money and the other symbols of time. All decorated in harmonious red-grey colours with gold accents. Socks with the official approval of Gordon Gekko. If the Wolf of Wall Street, he worked in this century, nosiłby them on a daily basis.
Socks are asymmetrical (mismatched), which is in the hand one is different than the other, but are linked by a common theme and colors. Try it and you will never wear others!

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