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White and maroon footwear "Hipster" is the essential attribute of every aspiring hipster from this season. Designed to fit your RayBanks and be compatible with the latest Ajfon model. Put them on and go on a sharp circle to the café, and you'll see that the vegan decaf latte on skimmed soy (everything from the fair trade) has never tasted so good. This pattern is also a mini crib for beginner hipster. Everything in colors: maroon, black and navy blue on a white background. Distinguish yourself from the mainstream. Buy and start wearing them before they become fashionable! Then you can grow facial hair.

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Sock for women, girls, men and boys Flat seam on fingers for maximum comfort Non-compressive ribbing, firmly holding the sock on the leg
Designed and produced in Poland
Composition: 80% high - quality combed cotton, 15% durable polyamide, 5% matching the spandex foot
Taking care of customers' satisfaction, we suggest using scissors to unpack your dream Spox Sox. However, it is not recommended to tear the socks together with the label, which may cause permanent damage. Just cut the threads on the label on both sides to enjoy the new Spox pair.


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