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Socks Safari - wild Africa long ago discovered. From today it can be with you wherever you go. Take binoculars and pack in the jeep, because we're going on a safari trip! On one sock you will find nice African animals: giraffe plucking leaves of baobab, elephant, antelope, rhinoceros, tiger and lion. On the other sock, it would not be too boring, the tracks of animals! Everything against the hot desert sand. Beware of cotton mirage and lurking tiger! Hunt them today

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Sock for women, girls, men and boys. Flat seam on fingers for maximum comfort. Non-compressive ribbing, firmly holding the sock on the leg
Designed and produced in Poland
Composition: 80% high - quality combed cotton 15% durable polyamide 5% matching the spandex foot
Taking care of customers' satisfaction, we suggest using scissors to unpack your dream Spox Sox. However, it is not recommended to tear the socks together with the label, which may cause permanent damage. Just cut the threads on the label on both sides to enjoy the new Spox pair.
Go ahead and throw your Spox Soxy into the washing machine. They will not shrink, they will not lengthen, they will not change their shape if you wash them properly. How? Turn them over and wash them at a maximum of 40 °.

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